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I am back home

I am home from Texas. I was staying at my aunt’s house with my parents and my sister was staying with Lee. My other brother was staying at the warehouse until someone rents it. My aunt had allergies and my sister has a dog so that is why she is staying at Lee’s house. Lee is my other brother.

I felt like my family was separating, I miss my sister. I see my brother almost everyday, my sister and I do so much together. I was sad so I had low motivation to go out. I just went to the gym, Bubble Tea house and my aunt’s house. My parents took me out to the beach. I walked a few steps and my mom recorded it. I got so much better, knowing that I am getting better makes me happy. I hope somebody rents the warehouse so my brother and sister will be back living with my parents and I.


A few days after my Birthday, my parents and I went to visit Texas. I have not been to Texas since I moved to Rhode Island years ago. I was excited to see my uncle, Patricia and my family at Texas. Ever since I moved from Texas to Rhode Island, I been asking my parents to visit Texas. Texas was warm, I had so much fun, I miss Patricia and Melissa. I went to visit Thay, my other cousin and her parents. I hated the plane ride, 7 hours was so long. I had a fear of ruining vacations remember, I am facing it slowly.

Next year

My dad and brother, Simon left to Carolina a month ago. I been working out 1 hour in the mornings with my mom for the entire mont. After an hour at the gym with my mom, we went home. I am an active person. I can workout for 3 hours, thank god that I have a tiny gym set up in my house and I have a 6 feet basketball hoop in my living room. The basketball is for my nephews, but their house doesn’t fit the hoop. My house does. I miss my dad so much, I can not wait when he is back.For 2 months I been having free time, free time for myself. I babysat Willian and Leonardo then their mom had a baby, Julius. Pricsilla, my nephew’s mom has been home watching her boys. Julious changed his milk so I will be watching them soon, I miss it. Here is the last picture of my dad at Rhode Island with my mom, Julius and William. He missed the holidays.