Las Vegas trip

I am going to Vegas with my parents, sister, brother and aunt in 2 weeks. I am so excited!!! I was nervous of traveling for years, when I learned how to swallow in the hospital(after waking up from 3 month coma) I was allowed to have soft non chewable food. The cafeteria nurse was having a field trip to go apple picking for patients at the cafeteria. I was geetting around on a wheelchair, I just opened my mouth. My mom was pushing my wheelchair over rocks at the apple field. Kids were running yelling,”Mom Mom!” My mom stared at me and cried. From that day on I am scared, I don’t enjoy seeing her cry. Try to face your fears, I am trying to face my fears. I am so excited to go to Vegas for 4 days! 

Happy late New years!

I been sick since Eve. I was so determine on having a great year. I planned on starting a Youtube channel and I did just 1 video.  I tried recording a 2nd, but kept coughing. I am still sick, but it has been long. This year is still going to be great, when I don’t cough I’ll record Youtube videos. Being sick isn’t cool, I miss the gym for over a week, I was angry.I kick the walls, smack doors, push chairs down. I miss the gym, seeing people. It was just 1 week and 1 day.

My first video

Last week I commented on a Youtube video of a girl in coma and she wiggled her toe when the doctor was planning on taking her off life support. I commented about my incident and 3 month coma. A person then commented back anyways I got inspired again to start a channel. I did it before just 1 video, but I had just 3 views. My video is on My first video. If you watch in on Youtube and got me more views, I’ll know people are watching and I’ll make 1 for every week. My blog here is confusing to understand, I am sorry.