3 months later

I blog about my incident day, quick summary of that day, it was on July 19, 2003. It was my cousin’s Birthday and uncle’funeral. At my cousin’s Birthday I was complaining of a headache, long story made short I fainted……. …..I woke up layying on a bed, in an empty room. I was thinking to myself”Where am I?” I heard a cry and Beep beep beep. I looked around the room and I saw my mom crying looking out the window at leaves falling. The last day I remembered happening was July 19, it was a nightmare though. It didn’t really happen. I wanted to comfort my mom and say”Ma, I’m here you don’t have to cry.” No sound came out of my mouth. I tried moving a thumb and I couldn’t at all. “What happen?” My mom stared at me and pressed a button, a lady dressed in a nurse uniform came and put me on a wheelchair then pushed me out of the room. My mom was beside me, following. What was going on with my body? My eyes was so sensitive to the light, my mom, the lady and Iwent down an elevator. The door opened and I read emergency room. There was another lady, she put me on a bed and told me to close my eyes, but I wanted to observe what was going to happen with me. The lady put tape on my eyes. I was so confused, my mom said to me,”Thyda there doctors, they know what they are doing. I know your scared, you’ll be better soon and back home running again with the family.” She said it in Cantonese, she speaks a little English. Why am I at the hospital? I heard my mom telling the doctor about an incident I had on July 19. I fainted in the living room and my mom came to me with medicane, but dropped it and cried. I was in coma for 3 months. She mixed her English with Cantonese, but I understood. July 19 actually happened, I thought it was a nightmare. My family must have gone through alot those 3 months. I missed out on so much. What I was hearing hit me………I was scared. Waking up from coma was a mistake, why did god choose me to be handicap? I’ll lose my friends, noone will like me anymore. My relationship with my family will be different, life will be so different.I am an outcast.

                   To be continued….

I started wrìting this after leaving the hospital.


Author: officiallythyda

My life was heading in the right direction. I was liked, I had so much friends, I was talented. Then on July 19, 2003 a vessel burst in my head and I fell into a 3 month coma. I woke up and was layying on a bed, in an empty room. I heard Beep Beep Beep! I heard a cry and moved my pupils to find my mom crying looking out the window. What happen? I couldn't talk or move my body. I found out I was in coma, I was at the hospital. Waking up was a mistake, why did god choose me to be handicap and noone else? I leave the hospital still so weak on a wheelchair, I went through so much to be where I am today. God knows what he's doing, be patient Right now I inspire a good amount of people. I go to Planet Fitness, I go to the gym with my wheelchair, the trainer or someone put weights on my chair and I walk around the gym with it. Life is so good, everything happens for a reason. Follow me!

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