The nurse almost killed me

My aunts, uncles and cousins came to visit my mom and I at the hospital. I learned how to move my legs. Fingers, arms, head, and toe. Whenever I wanted to speak to my dad on the phone, I held my hand up to my face as if I was speaking on the phone with my mouth open. My dad visited often. My family visited often. When I was in coma people got me stuff animals, flowers and balloons. I like holding tight onto a little stuff horse. My hand was sweaty from squeezing it. The body was easy to grab onto.

    My mom would push me around the hospital, I love looking at drawings of fishes decorated on the wall of where I get my Therapys. The fishes weren’t swimming anywhere, but the colors were so bright and beautiful. She pushed me downtairs at the caferteria to grab coffee and food. It wasn’t for me, I couldn’t eat. There was so many people. After she got her food, my mom push me back to my room then walk to me and bent her knees. I looked at her and she asked me if I was hungry. I nodded yes, yes I was hungry. Then she said that she’ll tell the nurses. I was always thinking about getting stronger, giving myself Therapy to go home, I was so homesick and my mom was too. She ask me if she can visit the house for a day, she ask me back in my room. I shook my head no  I was thinking”What if something bad happen to me,” right after the nurse came to put water in my tube and she had grab a bottle from where the waters were, but it read alchohol bottle, I read alchohol 😲 I stared at my mom without blinking and she stop the nurse and told her,”Read.”and showed her the bottle (I couldn’t talk then, but the nurse really almost put alchohol in me, why was alchohol even in the bottles where the water was?”  My mom yelled at her, she knows a little English. She called my dad after and told him. 

                      To be continued…….

I never talked about the nurse almost putting alchohol in my stomach until this day. To bad I couldn’t talk. I was only 11 years old when all this happened.


Author: officiallythyda

My life was heading in the right direction. I was liked, I had so much friends, I was talented. Then on July 19, 2003 a vessel burst in my head and I fell into a 3 month coma. I woke up and was layying on a bed, in an empty room. I heard Beep Beep Beep! I heard a cry and moved my pupils to find my mom crying looking out the window. What happen? I couldn't talk or move my body. I found out I was in coma, I was at the hospital. Waking up was a mistake, why did god choose me to be handicap and noone else? I leave the hospital still so weak on a wheelchair, I went through so much to be where I am today. God knows what he's doing, be patient Right now I inspire a good amount of people. I go to Planet Fitness, I go to the gym with my wheelchair, the trainer or someone put weights on my chair and I walk around the gym with it. Life is so good, everything happens for a reason. Follow me!

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