Practice makes perfect

Right now I am doing great, compared to then when I was so weak. I couldn’t hold my body up long, I had to get around in a wheelchair. I been through so much, my life is like a movie. Back then when I was sad, overweight and weak people treated me different, when I am with my sister or somebody. People would ask my sister questions about me onfront of me. I lost weight, my face changed and I am stronger. I get around so much now, people act different towards me now. I look forward to sharing what I went through and what I am going through now with you guys and girls. Remember”Obstacles do not block your path, they are the path.”


Author: officiallythyda

My life was heading in the right direction. I was liked, I had so much friends, I was talented. Then on July 19, 2003 a vessel burst in my head and I fell into a 3 month coma. I woke up and was layying on a bed, in an empty room. I heard Beep Beep Beep! I heard a cry and moved my pupils to find my mom crying looking out the window. What happen? I couldn't talk or move my body. I found out I was in coma, I was at the hospital. Waking up was a mistake, why did god choose me to be handicap and noone else? I leave the hospital still so weak on a wheelchair, I went through so much to be where I am today. God knows what he's doing, be patient Right now I inspire a good amount of people. I go to Planet Fitness, I go to the gym with my wheelchair, the trainer or someone put weights on my chair and I walk around the gym with it. Life is so good, everything happens for a reason. Follow me!

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