Junior year

Bubble Tea House opened.My bus had changed that year, Sophomore year was more sad then Junior year. I liked the beginning of Junior year, I didn’t have a whole lot of friends. My 1 on 1 changed to Mrs.M. She was my only friend at school, I didn’t have classes with students I knew last year. Well Mrs.M and I talk, she’s so nice. My sister and Tina was friends with Chad, they all hung out. They started hanging out with Jason, Bubble Tea employee. Anyways I was grossed out that they were cool with Chad. Tina was telling Ganykar my Sophomore year experience, rumors etc. Ganykar thought it was cool to be friends with Chad. When we were all younger, we were immature, she was immature. She didn’t understand my feelings. I was upset, she’s my sister. Ganykar had told my mom too and my mom beleived the rumors again, what rumor did she hear. I was almost done with school, I told myself I wasn’t going to let rumors bother me so it didn’t bother me. I am almost graduating anyways with my class. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never break me.” It still hurted my heart, but it didn’t break my bones. I wiped it off. I remember thinking of that saying whenever students were giving me trouble. I was getting Therapy, but 1 a week for less than 30 minutes. Not a lot happened Junior year. Next year was Senior year, my last school year. I was excited. School ended. No Summer school. That Summer I went to the beach once with Lee, his wife Priscilla, Ganykar and their friends. I have never experienced a beach in years, that was my first beach day since 20o3. I had on a long sleeve and shorts on. Weather confused,  I don’t like showing my arms. That was my only beach day that Summer. My cousin, Rebecca came down from Georgia and she stayed at my house.

                      To be continued… 

Not alot happened Junior year, but stuff did happen. Going through haulways at school on a wheelchair did make me feel like a different human being, but doesn’t some student feel that way. I found myself 4 years ago when I started the gym. Now I am comfortable with myself. Everyone is different, once you find yourself you won’t feel awkward. Some find themselves earlier. 


Author: officiallythyda

My life was heading in the right direction. I was liked, I had so much friends, I was talented. Then on July 19, 2003 a vessel burst in my head and I fell into a 3 month coma. I woke up and was layying on a bed, in an empty room. I heard Beep Beep Beep! I heard a cry and moved my pupils to find my mom crying looking out the window. What happen? I couldn't talk or move my body. I found out I was in coma, I was at the hospital. Waking up was a mistake, why did god choose me to be handicap and noone else? I leave the hospital still so weak on a wheelchair, I went through so much to be where I am today. God knows what he's doing, be patient Right now I inspire a good amount of people. I go to Planet Fitness, I go to the gym with my wheelchair, the trainer or someone put weights on my chair and I walk around the gym with it. Life is so good, everything happens for a reason. Follow me!

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