Prayers 👃

Don’t lose hope. When your sad, confuse, depress don’t lose hope. My parents didn’t lose hope when I was in 3 month coma. I wasn’t breathing, I was on life support. My family prayed for my life back, hell wanted my body. I have stories about that too. Spooky season, I’ll blog about the things that happen during coma. It’ll be my family’s stories anyway don’t lose hope fast. I know losing hope is easy. My friend’s mom is at the ER, she has the brain anerism like I did. I know she’s sad, confuse, mad at herself and her hope is drained. Don’t lose hope fast 😣. I was in coma for 3 months. The doctors asked my family to take my tube and breathing tank off, the hospital gives up to fast. My prayers goes out to her family and her mom. Viewers please pray, Josalina Khun 👃 don’t lose hope girl, I’m praying. My viewers are praying. I’ll let my parents know too. If any of you parents, girl or boy has life decisions that envolves the hospital I know I can pray, comment on my post if you need a cyber shoulder to lean on.  Thank you.


Author: officiallythyda

My life was heading in the right direction. I was liked, I had so much friends, I was talented. Then on July 19, 2003 a vessel burst in my head and I fell into a 3 month coma. I woke up and was layying on a bed, in an empty room. I heard Beep Beep Beep! I heard a cry and moved my pupils to find my mom crying looking out the window. What happen? I couldn't talk or move my body. I found out I was in coma, I was at the hospital. Waking up was a mistake, why did god choose me to be handicap and noone else? I leave the hospital still so weak on a wheelchair, I went through so much to be where I am today. God knows what he's doing, be patient Right now I inspire a good amount of people. I go to Planet Fitness, I go to the gym with my wheelchair, the trainer or someone put weights on my chair and I walk around the gym with it. Life is so good, everything happens for a reason. Follow me!

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