Happy New year

I learned so much last year, I learned to don’t pay to much mind on others opinions. Do what you have to do to get through life. Have a great 2018!!!


Next year

My dad and brother, Simon left to Carolina a month ago. I been working out 1 hour in the mornings with my mom for the entire mont. After an hour at the gym with my mom, we went home. I am an active person. I can workout for 3 hours, thank god that I have a tiny gym set up in my house and I have a 6 feet basketball hoop in my living room. The basketball is for my nephews, but their house doesn’t fit the hoop. My house does. I miss my dad so much, I can not wait when he is back.For 2 months I been having free time, free time for myself. I babysat Willian and Leonardo then their mom had a baby, Julius. Pricsilla, my nephew’s mom has been home watching her boys. Julious changed his milk so I will be watching them soon, I miss it. Here is the last picture of my dad at Rhode Island with my mom, Julius and William. He missed the holidays.


Today at the gym, my friend Gerry worked out with me. He trained me on my balance. Great workout, I was on the treadmill walking, but with no hands holding the grips on the treadmill. Gerry was beside me, to catch me if I fell. I was able to walk, remember I fell down the treadmmill when I first started the gym? I was scared walking the treadmill, but I was able to let my hand go from the ndle. I did hold on when I need too. Today made me realized that I started walking in 5 years, crazy. I am walking so much!


 I felt sad, down, my motivation was low then I looked over my blog. I been through so much. On July 19, 2003 I had an incident. A vessel burst in my head and I was in coma for 3 months. I woke up laying on a bed thinking what I last remembered was my incident thinking it was a nightmare, it wasn’t. I couldn’t talk or move, I was stiff. The day I woke up, I found out July 19 actually happened. I asked myself,”Why did god choose me to be handicap, I have to now go through what I will go through?” Before July 19, I was an active child, had lots of friends, talented, and I had a future planned out for me. I wanted to be a nurse then my incident happened and it felt like my future was not happening. My teenage years was gone, I was getting around on a wheelchair, I looked for creams, remedies to get stronger, walk again. High school was so rough, the assignments was no problem, but the teachers and students were. I was called ugly, retard, fat, people brought me down. I never liked drama so I never said anything. I graduated class of 2010. My brother signed me up at Planet Fitness and now I inspire and motivate so much people. The gym changed my life. I stroll my wheelchair around with weights. I do One 45lbs to five 45lbs. I change it up to train my balance. I also workout too. If I stopped pushing my wheelchair around, the gym wouldn’t be the same. Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance is to keep moving. God gave me another chance on life to do what I am doing now and that is being an inspiration to many, changing how people see life. God is amazing, god knows what he/she is doing. Be patient. When I stand before god on the end of my life. I hope I won’t have any talent in me because I used it all.


My elder brother Simon left to Cambodia to visit his pregnant wife, his wife gave birth to my niece Lily. My parents went to Cambodia 2 weeks after Simon. I stayed with Lee, Priscilla his wife, 2 sons and Ganykar at their home. I miss home so when my sister’s boyfriend got home from his trip, we stay at home, warehouse. I love the warehouse being so much room. Bubble tea house is so different with Simon gone and my parents. I am a gym person and no gym, I get upset, grumpy. I walked from Bubble tea house to Planet Fitness. It is near eachother, it is convenient. Simon does get underneath my skin, but I miss him. I miss my parents too, miss my mom’s voice, smile, funny ideas and my dad’s laugh talking on the phone to someone, his bad driving, their companies. I hope they all have a great time. They know the gym is so important to me, they see me often to know I am capable of walking on my own. My parents puts me at Bubble tea and I walk around Bubble tea street. I don’t go far, I don’t trust myself on walking far. I want my parents to know I did go to the gym today, they like it when I go to the gym because I always come home with stories.

David Archuletta is my Idol since his he tried out for American Idol. He has vocal paralysis, but still tried out. He was singing and a little girl started crying. I asked myself,”Why is she crying?” At the gym, outside of the gym I meet somebody and we talk, I tell them everything I went through. They get teary eyes and ask to hug me. Now I know why the little girl cried.