My Micky mouse drawing

Before my incident, I love drawing. My sister(Ganykar) and I love drawing. We are both artistic, she would have a right side of a notebook and I would have the left side. We would draw a girl on our page,  but the girls were in the same room. I love ddawing Micky mouse- Ganykar love my drawing of Micky Mouse too. After my incident, I still can draw Micky mouse. I was talented as a child, I have a few talents still. Drawing Micky is one.



I amaze myself sometimes, seeing myself improve on moving. If you didn’t know I am handicap. I blog about my incident and i plan to blog about my journey from the day I wokeup from a 3 month coma. I had noone to talk to so I wrote since. I started blogging 1 week ago, I’m trying to get more views first, it’s an interesting journey anyways I babysit my 2 nephews, 2 years old and a 3 years old. I babysit alone sometimes my mom helps, today my mom help. I know how to change, bathe them, feed them and put them to sleep.

Getting bless ๐Ÿ‘ƒ

I’m getting bless at the temple. I was at the gym earlier for 40 minutes, but my parents pick me up from the gym to get me bless. My dad makes sculptures for temples. I’m prayying for blessings this year, luck, health. I get bless often at the temple or home. It gives me a peice of mind, knowing my life is watched by god. My house has a Buddha room, for pray, getting bless, reading fortunes. My dad does it, my room is bless, the rice I eat is bless, ๐Ÿ‘ƒ

Inspiring others

A few weeks ago, I was sitting on my wheelchair on my phone outside Bubble Tea House. A guy walked pass me twice then told me I am bless.We talk about my incident, what I went through and going to Planet Fitness. He ask me the pleasure to walk with me to the gym. I said ok after I arrive to Planet Fitness, he gave me a cross necklace. It don’t fit my hea#, but I’ll decorate it.

Natural habitat

Do you know of the song”Let it go” in Frozen, the Disney movie? Well I was at the gym in the afternoon, I was pushing my wheelchair around and around. I had music playing on my phone and I had on earbuds.The song came on and it became powerful, I let my hair down. Shake my head around  and started walking imagining I was in the video.

I won’t feel comfotable traveling

When I woke up at Boston Hospital from coma, I was getting better, I wokeup not able to talk or move, but i was getting better fast. I was getting around in a wheelchair. Still am, but I don’t need to Well my mom stayed in the hospital with me during coma for months with noone to talk to. She doesn’t speak good English. I’m a huge mama’s girl. She lost so muรงh for me, my family lost so much for me. At Boston hospital, the nurses took some patients to pick apples at  a farm. My mom was pushing my wheelchair crying, kids were running yelling”Mom mom!” I could talk, from that day on I don’t want to travel. Travel to me is vacation. I let my family travel, I just don’t.


I am a Pescatarian, I became it last May. I don’t eat animal meat, red or white. I do eat fish. I thought I was going to give up after 2 weeks. I tried being one before, but gave up. I was going to the gym, but not seeing results in balancing, toning or weight loss. Walking normally is so important to me, I want to one day wear heels, be able to travel. I have never travel out the USA. I want to visit the Netherlands, traveling is a hassle for me. I’ll get into it later. I changed my eating habits to being a pescatarian to get stronger. I been seeing fast results in balancing, my pupils became lighter, I feel great!!! It’s important so I stuck to it. I do take vitamins.