3 months later

I blog about my incident day, quick summary of that day, it was on July 19, 2003. It was my cousin’s Birthday and uncle’funeral. At my cousin’s Birthday I was complaining of a headache, long story made short I fainted……. …..I woke up layying on a bed, in an empty room. I was thinking to myself”Where am I?” I heard a cry and Beep beep beep. I looked around the room and I saw my mom crying looking out the window at leaves falling. The last day I remembered happening was July 19, it was a nightmare though. It didn’t really happen. I wanted to comfort my mom and say”Ma, I’m here you don’t have to cry.” No sound came out of my mouth. I tried moving a thumb and I couldn’t at all. “What happen?” My mom stared at me and pressed a button, a lady dressed in a nurse uniform came and put me on a wheelchair then pushed me out of the room. My mom was beside me, following. What was going on with my body? My eyes was so sensitive to the light, my mom, the lady and Iwent down an elevator. The door opened and I read emergency room. There was another lady, she put me on a bed and told me to close my eyes, but I wanted to observe what was going to happen with me. The lady put tape on my eyes. I was so confused, my mom said to me,”Thyda there doctors, they know what they are doing. I know your scared, you’ll be better soon and back home running again with the family.” She said it in Cantonese, she speaks a little English. Why am I at the hospital? I heard my mom telling the doctor about an incident I had on July 19. I fainted in the living room and my mom came to me with medicane, but dropped it and cried. I was in coma for 3 months. She mixed her English with Cantonese, but I understood. July 19 actually happened, I thought it was a nightmare. My family must have gone through alot those 3 months. I missed out on so much. What I was hearing hit me………I was scared. Waking up from coma was a mistake, why did god choose me to be handicap? I’ll lose my friends, noone will like me anymore. My relationship with my family will be different, life will be so different.I am an outcast.

                   To be continued….

I started wrรฌting this after leaving the hospital.



Starting Monday I’ll start blogging about my obstacles, writing about the day I woke up from coma. I think it’s interesting, I am inspiring others everywhere with it. I hope I inspire or motivate you guys as well. Before getting stronger at the gym, I was a sad person. I was always frowning in the inside, the outside I was smiling. What did I do in the past to deserve this, remembering my incident, bullying, I felt like my relationship with my family wasn’t the same, my teen years are gone because I was on a wheelchair. Now I am improving at the gym, babysteps. (Look up, smiling) life is so good, god is so good. God chose this life for me ๐Ÿ˜ŠI now have a tattoo of a lotus and the date of my incident on my ankle, I have battle scars. I’m proud to walk with a few of my scars, tattoos, wheelchair or walker.  I still get around with a walker. Off topic, but the Hercule filter on Snapchat, is my favorite. I think it represents my strength, don’t give up on your goal.


Planet Fitness is a life saver, I started the gym overweight and I couldn’t hold my body up long. I was a sad person. My best friend Salinda went to the gym with me then I started going alone. Crazy how life works, god is so good. I lost weight, I am a happy person. Well I did laundry today, my parent’s laundry and mines. I live with my parents, my brother Simon and Ganykar. Being able to do laundry is old news to me, but I remember being so proud of myself. I didn’t have a blog then, but now I do. I been doing itfor 3 years already. 

My Micky mouse drawing

Before my incident, I love drawing. My sister(Ganykar) and I love drawing. We are both artistic, she would have a right side of a notebook and I would have the left side. We would draw a girl on our page,  but the girls were in the same room. I love ddawing Micky mouse- Ganykar love my drawing of Micky Mouse too. After my incident, I still can draw Micky mouse. I was talented as a child, I have a few talents still. Drawing Micky is one.


I amaze myself sometimes, seeing myself improve on moving. If you didn’t know I am handicap. I blog about my incident and i plan to blog about my journey from the day I wokeup from a 3 month coma. I had noone to talk to so I wrote since. I started blogging 1 week ago, I’m trying to get more views first, it’s an interesting journey anyways I babysit my 2 nephews, 2 years old and a 3 years old. I babysit alone sometimes my mom helps, today my mom help. I know how to change, bathe them, feed them and put them to sleep.

Getting bless ๐Ÿ‘ƒ

I’m getting bless at the temple. I was at the gym earlier for 40 minutes, but my parents pick me up from the gym to get me bless. My dad makes sculptures for temples. I’m prayying for blessings this year, luck, health. I get bless often at the temple or home. It gives me a peice of mind, knowing my life is watched by god. My house has a Buddha room, for pray, getting bless, reading fortunes. My dad does it, my room is bless, the rice I eat is bless, ๐Ÿ‘ƒ

Inspiring others

A few weeks ago, I was sitting on my wheelchair on my phone outside Bubble Tea House. A guy walked pass me twice then told me I am bless.We talk about my incident, what I went through and going to Planet Fitness. He ask me the pleasure to walk with me to the gym. I said ok after I arrive to Planet Fitness, he gave me a cross necklace. It don’t fit my hea#, but I’ll decorate it.