Life style

I was dropped off by my parents at my family’s cafe Bubble Tea House. I walked to the front door, but decided to walk to the gym. I go to Planet Fitness, it’s close to eachother. Anyways I walk to Planet Fitness with my walker. Today is a beautiful day at Rhode Island, the weather here has been bipolar. I worked out a little at the gym and I saw my friend Alvin at the bench press place. We talked then I showed him upper body workouts. It’s amazing, I started doing them 2 weeks ago. Gets me sore a day after l. I live showwing people workouts that I think is very affectible. I love going to the gym because i meet new people everyday and they tell me that they see me at the gym a lot and I just keep moving, I push my wheelchair and I don’t stop. Then when I get into my background, I end up being a walking miracle.