I won’t feel comfotable traveling

When I woke up at Boston Hospital from coma, I was getting better, I wokeup not able to talk or move, but i was getting better fast. I was getting around in a wheelchair. Still am, but I don’t need to Well my mom stayed in the hospital with me during coma for months with noone to talk to. She doesn’t speak good English. I’m a huge mama’s girl. She lost so muçh for me, my family lost so much for me. At Boston hospital, the nurses took some patients to pick apples at  a farm. My mom was pushing my wheelchair crying, kids were running yelling”Mom mom!” I could talk, from that day on I don’t want to travel. Travel to me is vacation. I let my family travel, I just don’t.



I am a Pescatarian, I became it last May. I don’t eat animal meat, red or white. I do eat fish. I thought I was going to give up after 2 weeks. I tried being one before, but gave up. I was going to the gym, but not seeing results in balancing, toning or weight loss. Walking normally is so important to me, I want to one day wear heels, be able to travel. I have never travel out the USA. I want to visit the Netherlands, traveling is a hassle for me. I’ll get into it later. I changed my eating habits to being a pescatarian to get stronger. I been seeing fast results in balancing, my pupils became lighter, I feel great!!! It’s important so I stuck to it. I do take vitamins.

Obstacles do not block your path, they are the path

When I was in high school, I was overweight, weak on a wheelchair. If you saw me then compared to now my face changed. I was so scared to do anything to my face so I depended on others. I was an easy target, students called me ugly, retard and spread false rumor about me. It was horrible, my family believed the rumors. I felt like everyone was against me. I use to like sitting on my mom’s friend swing just thinking about what if I never had my incident, where would I be? I felt like an embarrassment for my family, I even posted on Facebook”When my mom had my life in her hand, why wouldn’t she let it go doesn’t she know I am hurting in the inside now.” Talking about my feeding tube and coma…I wish I had met someone like me to tell me when I was going through all of this that everything is going to be alright,  just hang in there. Now there is a person like that, I am that person.


Keeping blogs is clever, it’s like a journal. My life is pretty interesting, when I was younger I thought my life was scripted, played out, rehearse. Everyone around me was actors and actresses. When I got older, the actors and actresses were replace. I now know it is played out, BY GOD. He’s doing a great work, I am a fan. I believe everything happens for a reason, be patient. Life is like a grill cheese sandwhich. The top bread is your introductuction, the back bread is your happilly ever after, the cheese is the middle.

Obsessive much

This might sound self absorb, graphic. I just don’t know how to handle it. I have an obsessive elderly man trying to be so close to me, but not in a good way. It scares me, he was always obsess and now it’s so obsess. When I’m sitting on my wheelchair at my family’s cafe and decide to get sun outside, he’s outside too. I push my wheelchair slow, he stops to flirt with me. I tell him I am taken, he hits his knees on my thighs and ask me if he can kiss my cheek, I say no but he still does it on my head though. He does this almost everyday, can’t take a hint. I was on my phone, looking down. Anyways I’m scared. I’m 24 years old, you would walk away and tell me to, but I was on my wheelchair. This guy won’t leave me alone so when I tell him I got to go back in my family cafe, he follows.