Planet Fitness “new trainer”

I feel so wrong for talking bad about Planet Fitness, I use to workout for more than 3 hours. Eddy(the old trainer” left to a different gym, months later we got several trainers. They ended up leaving too. Planet Fitness found a new trainer. I won’t say his name. I workout with all the trainers so I gave the new trainer a chance. He looked at me wrong, he tried to touch me, etc. Oh gosh, I feel horrible talking about Planet Fitness. Anyways I texted Eddy I want him back and told him about the trainer. He did not believe me and I told my friends. They said,”Thyda it’s in your head.” Eddy started missing his job, but he got hired to a new gym. I think Eddy quit. Planet Fitness was losing females, I was confuse. Bubble tea house employee Delilah was thinking on getting a membership at my Planet Fitness, but she read the reviews. Bad reviews on the new trainer being a flirt, trying to get female numbers. I told Eddy this, he has the job back!!! Sorry new trainer for getting you fired, but you made females move to new gyms, I love Planet Fitness so much!!!

Pilates squat

Im proud of myself for my pilot squats. 3 weeks ago I could do 45lbs, but dropped the weights on my feet. I didn’t let that stpp me from going heavier. 45 was easy, to easy. Last week I did 50lbs then 60 before yesterday for 2 days. I do 75lbs 3 sets of 20. I love leg days, building muscle in my legs.

“” I do not have dreams, I have goals””. I love to keep people updated on what I am doing what my life or my next move because I got so much support and it means so much. My goal is to start off with a home gym and name it TK Fitness. I drew out my sign a few weeks ago, but it looked like tok Fitness. The o was a wheel from my wheelchair. That meant it is a judgement free zone. I need work on my sign over . I am thinking about  putting TK in my wheel instead, that’ll look cool. Alot more has happened, but I forgot to keep my viewers updated. Anways I have been saving money for my trip at Las Vegas, but now Las Vegas is finish with. Time to focus on my goals which is my home gym, that is my first goal. The first thing I will be purchasing is punching bag, I am so excited. I have so many anger, not being able to cry I hold my feelings in. People treated me wrong, annoyed me, and took advantage of me. I have so many anger, mostly toward my phone lol. It freezes. I’ll keep everyone updated.

I am back

I got back from Las Vegas 2 days ago. It was a great trip, I was pushed around the strip on my wheelchair. My parents, Simon, my aunt and Ganykar took turns pushing me. So much things to do that my original plan was to tan at the pool didn’t happen.I was on my wheelchair all week, sore. It was worth it. The plane ride felt the longest I sat. I told my mom to sell the warehouse my family owns to buy a plane lol.

Las Vegas trip

I am going to Vegas with my parents, sister, brother and aunt in 2 weeks. I am so excited!!! I was nervous of traveling for years, when I learned how to swallow in the hospital(after waking up from 3 month coma) I was allowed to have soft non chewable food. The cafeteria nurse was having a field trip to go apple picking for patients at the cafeteria. I was geetting around on a wheelchair, I just opened my mouth. My mom was pushing my wheelchair over rocks at the apple field. Kids were running yelling,”Mom Mom!” My mom stared at me and cried. From that day on I am scared, I don’t enjoy seeing her cry. Try to face your fears, I am trying to face my fears. I am so excited to go to Vegas for 4 days!