I don’t have dreams, I have goals

You’ll have to start somewhere. 


My home gym

It is not completely done, I want to buy more equipment and a few containers so I put all the weights and resistance bands in the containers to make room. I love how it’s turning out so far, it looks perfect. Planet Fitness gave me the idea to have my own home gym, is just at home. You have to start somewhere.


For years, I been told that I go to the gym for nothing and that I was weaker. I believed what I heard because I was reminded everyday that I have gotten thicker, unhealthy, weak. People like to bring you down. The lady I meant at my gym caught my attention. Thanks to the hate comments, it is the reason why I go hard at the gym….I was round and I can fit a small, some small!!!


Remember I wrote that I meant a guy on a wheelchair and I ended up inspiring him to try walking again. He now can do .5 on the treadmill. Anyways I haven’t seen him in over a month until today. He told me he gave up for a few weeks on getting his legs stronger. I am so proud of him. He came to the gym without assistant. He was working on his legs. I inspired him so much!!! I ask him permission if I can take a picture of him. 

My sign for my home gym!!!

I been working so hard on my home gym. I am still adding more stuff, but babysteps. It looks so good right now, I get so proud on my mat. I work hard for my supples, equipments, mats. I been working on my sign for my home gym. I know it is just a home gym, but I have to start somewhere. I am not done with my sign, fitness is typed on by my phone. T.K is real, my dad made it out of foam. I might do fitness on a poster board because I was the T.K to stand out.

My brother Simon

My brother annoys me, he calls me pig, I go to the gym for no reason. He tells my family I am fat and keep saying it then they believe. He tells his friends, employees, my family it and they believe. His wife is at Cambodia and they are expecting a baby girl. He was at Cambodia for a month, I had a month to focus on my home gym. I bought a boxing set, treadmill, weights, mats. My brother came back yesterday, I hear he wants to destroy my home gym. My Birthday is next Thursday and my dad is making my T.K Fitness sign out of foam. At least I will have the sign to show my viewers. If he does destroy it, where will he put my machines.