My sign for my home gym!!!

I been working so hard on my home gym. I am still adding more stuff, but babysteps. It looks so good right now, I get so proud on my mat. I work hard for my supples, equipments, mats. I been working on my sign for my home gym. I know it is just a home gym, but I have to start somewhere. I am not done with my sign, fitness is typed on by my phone. T.K is real, my dad made it out of foam. I might do fitness on a poster board because I was the T.K to stand out.

My brother Simon

My brother annoys me, he calls me pig, I go to the gym for no reason. He tells my family I am fat and keep saying it then they believe. He tells his friends, employees, my family it and they believe. His wife is at Cambodia and they are expecting a baby girl. He was at Cambodia for a month, I had a month to focus on my home gym. I bought a boxing set, treadmill, weights, mats. My brother came back yesterday, I hear he wants to destroy my home gym. My Birthday is next Thursday and my dad is making my T.K Fitness sign out of foam. At least I will have the sign to show my viewers. If he does destroy it, where will he put my machines.

Planet Fitness “new trainer”

I feel so wrong for talking bad about Planet Fitness, I use to workout for more than 3 hours. Eddy(the old trainer” left to a different gym, months later we got several trainers. They ended up leaving too. Planet Fitness found a new trainer. I won’t say his name. I workout with all the trainers so I gave the new trainer a chance. Eddy told me too so I did. THe new trainer looked at me wrong, he tried to touch me, etc. Oh gosh, I feel horrible talking about Planet Fitness. Anyways I texted Eddy I want him back and told him about the trainer harassing me. He did not believe me and I told my friends. They said,”Thyda it’s in your head.” Eddy started missing his job, but he got hired to a new gym. Planet Fitness was losing females, I was confuse. The female employees were leaving as well. Bubble tea house employee Delilah was thinking on getting a membership at my Planet Fitness, but she read the reviews. Bad reviews on the new trainer being a flirt, trying to get female numbers. I was surprised, I wasn’t the only 1 being harassed. Some females were afraid to tell the manager and the trainer because they love the gym so much. Before the new trainer worked at Planet Fitness, I enjoyed pushing 4 45lbs around on my wheelchair, I change it up. I was doing so good. When he (the new trainer) started working, i was pushing less or no pounds. I would leave in an hour. I use to workout for 3 or more hours. I told the manager Ludus about the harassment. He said that people complaint about the trainer, they couldn’t do anything about it. Ludus told me to write a review and I did. I showed Eddy my review, on Snapchat. He brought up the manager. Long story, I told the manager on the trainer  and I also told the state manager. Sorry new trainer for getting you fired, but you made females move to new gyms, I love Planet Fitness so much!!!

Pilates squat

Im proud of myself for my pilot squats. 3 weeks ago I could do 45lbs, but dropped the weights on my feet. I didn’t let that stpp me from going heavier. 45 was easy, to easy. Last week I did 50lbs then 60 before yesterday for 2 days. I do 75lbs 3 sets of 20. I love leg days, building muscle in my legs.